CILcare is the world’s leading R&D services company committed to making hearing a priority. Take an in-depth look at how we can support your R&D program to prevent and treat ear disorders.

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CILcare at NDD Summit on July 30 – August 1, 2018

Meet Dr. Gaëlle NAERT and Dr. Wahid AWAD at the Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit in Boston to know more about the link between hearing & neurodegenerative disorders ! About NDD Summit: The inaugural Neuropsychiatric Drug Development...

How is cardiovascular disease associated with hearing?

Treating underlying cardiovascular disease may prevent or slow the progression of hearing loss, and conversely, hearing loss may suggest underlying cardiovascular disease.  Discover a recent publication describing the association between cardiavascular disease and...

CILcare will be attending the 6th edition of AFSSI Connexions

Meet CILcare's CEO Celia Belline at the Annual meeting of preclinical research in Marseille Round table: International Perspective July 2, 2018 | 4 PM Pitch session #3 July 3, 2018 | 3:30 PM The Annual meetings of preclinical research: The AFSSI organizes in...

Pharma / Biotech

Develop new therapies. Repurpose existing drugs in otology.


Innovate with drug delivery devices for the inner ear. Speed up market access of hearing aids.


Develop health food ingredients for the prevention of hearing loss, tinnitus, or otitis.


Improve and develop products to treat ear inflammation in pets.

CILcare, the world leading CRO dedicating to ear disorders

CILcare is a unique R&D services company specialized in ear disorders. We offer preclinical services and consultancy to accelerate the development of innovative products for hearing loss, tinnitus, and otic disorders.


« Autifony has a strong interest in the discovery of new pharmaceutical treatments for hearing disorders, and has unique experience in the preclinical and clinical development of novel treatments for these indications. We recognise CILcare’s experience in the design and execution of preclinical studies in models of hearing loss. I personally had a great experience working with Aurore; she was very professional and friendly, and she was always available, which helped us to keep within timelines. I was impressed with the overall excellence of the whole team, and would strongly recommend them as a partner. » Nadia Pilati, Ph.D. Senior Electrophysiologist, Autifony Therapeutics Ltd
« CILcare is definitely more than a simple CRO! Following our work experience in PK/PD studies, CILcare now resonates as a trusted partner, fully committed to the success of their Sponsor’s assets. CILcare’s scientific expertise in the auditory system and neurosciences is no longer in doubt. The robustness of CILcare’s animal models, which highly mimic human ear disorders, gives us the confidence for translational success in clinical phases. It is always a pleasure to work with Sergio and all the other team members, they are very proactive, responsive, and dedicated to their customers.”   Carmen Herrero, CSO, Spiral Therapeutics
“CILcare not only enabled us to access high quality specialised auditory pharmacokinetic and efficacy studies with high technical excellence whilst maintaining excellent care and attention to detail and animal welfare, but we also found their scientists not only insightful but also highly collaborative. The CILcare team were flexible and open to changes in protocol as the data from our studies developed and responded positively to time critical activities in highly professional manner. Without access to the studies undertaken at CILcare we would not discovered the novel scientific findings or the opportunity presented by the data from the studies undertaken.“ Senior Director, Future Pipeline Discovery,Top ten pharmaceutical company
« CILcare played an indispensable role in achieving our goals for our preclinical R&D program. The gifted team members had good communications with us and have proven their highly-valued capability in the execution of ambitious studies by resolving various unexpected challenges. Their expertise and unique technical know-how in the otology research enabled us to acquire valuable data to proceed with our program. I would like to thank the entire team for their warm hospitality and the in-depth introduction of their facilities in Montpellier. CILcare is for us a great partner, which I would recommend to any life science players aiming to create new and reliable drugs to treat ear disorders.” Hiroshi Uchino Ph.D, Senior Researcher, Astellas Pharma Inc.