About CILcare

CILcare, innovative R&D services to support drug developers in hearing disorders

The company

CILcare was built in 2014 from the expertise of a team specialized in hearing loss, tinnitus and aging disorders, offering its clients and partners a large range of services, including preclinical pharmacological studies, to optimize drug development.


Focus on an increasing health concern…

Considering the lifestyle of the new generations, the aging of the population and increasing urbanization, the prevention and treatment of hearing disorders are becoming a major worldwide Public Health issue.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 15% of the adult population in the world has some degree of hearing loss, reaching one out of three people aged over 65.


…with unmet medical needs

A hundred pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and thousands of academics are contributing to scientific progress in the field of hearing.

If the importance of investigating tinnitus and hearing loss is widely acknowledged, the underlying fundamental knowledge, based on animal models and a translational mindset, remains severely limited.

A link of the R&D chain is clearly missing.

CILcare’s offer fills this space by providing concrete means to validate hypotheses toward solutions able to prevent and to reduce hearing disorders.


An awaited offer

CILcare’s core value is built on the existence of a unique laboratory platform with innovative and validated pharmacological models reducing time to proof of concept.

Its additional value comes from the large industrial background of CILcare’s team and its capacity to drive drug development strategy from research to market authorizations, including writing of international development plans and regulatory documents.

Worldwide, no other company can propose to support the R&D activities in hearing disorders as CILcare can. Beyond its outsourcing offer, CILcare stands as a partner of choice for collaborative projects, increasing their probability of success and boosting their fund raising process.


An ambition

Advised by a scientific board made up of world-famous members, CILcare aims to strengthen the links between academic and industrial players as well as policy-makers and all stake-holders committed to the fight against hearing disorders for the sake of the population.