A CRO, expert in Otology

The experts in CILcare conduct for you preclinical pharmacological tests and provide advice to help you develop drugs and therapeutic solutions for patients suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus and otic disorders

Preclinical developmentSpecific pharmacological models and pharmacokinetic studies :


  • Hearing Loss

    noise-induced hearing loss, drug-induced hearing loss including cisplatin-induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss

  • Tinnitus

    acoustic trauma-induced tinnitus, salicylate-induced tinnitus

  • Otitis and inflammation


  • Electrophysiological and Electroacoustic measurements ABR, DPOAE, CAP, evoked potentials, spontaneous activity

  • Behavioral assessments including Gap Prepulse Inhibition Startle Reflex so called Gap Detection

  • Imaging with Manganese Enhanced MRI

  • Histology including hair cell counting so called cochleogram

  • Gene array



Modes of induction:Transtympanic delivery

  • Drugs

  • Acoustic Trauma

  • Aging



Modes of administration

  • Local including transtympanic

  • Systemic