Our Commitments

Acting Ethically, Responsibly and Efficiently at all levels of our activities

Dedicating and Innovating, always answer our clients and partners’ needs

Collaborating and Federating is our way to bring more value

Thinking beyond our services and never forget that what we’re doing should improve patients’ life


  1. Customers and partners relationship

CILcare is committed to always provide services of high quality, respect the timelines and bring new solutions to value the innovation of its clients and partners and accelerate Research and Development in the field of hearing disorders. CILcare believes in collective intelligence to improve patient’s life.


  1. Ethics and Quality in R&D

We conduct internal audits and consult ethic committees on a regular basis as a means of ensuring continuous improvement of our practices.


  1. People development

CILcare’s value bears on its people, their large industrial backgrounds and expertise in the field of hearing disorders. CILcare is committed for their continuous development and the safety at their workplace.

  1. Business ethics

CILcare is committed against conflicts of interest and all forms of corruption.