Preclinical Services

CILcare, the CRO, which supports Research and Development related to the hearing disorders area 


cilcares-offer2Translate animal data to design human study protocols in inner ear disorders

Until now, there is no drug to treat hearing loss or tinnitus.

Several approaches are under investigation from pharmacological compounds interfering with signalling pathways to approaches in the scope of regenerative medicines. All those candidates for new therapies have to be tested in relevant animal models before clinical investigations.

Models to prove the concept in preclinical stage before investing in clinical development

CILcare offers a preclinical laboratory platform composed by a range of in-vivo pharmacological models of tinnitus and hearing loss in rodents to perform proof of concepts of “drug” candidates.

Customized preclinical study designs in hearing loss and tinnitus

CILcare experts collaborate with clients to build research and development programs in hearing loss and tinnitus, which are supported by CILcare’s models and technologies. Customized models are set-up according to clients’ needs (acoustic trauma, drug-induced ototoxicity, presbycusis, hearing loss, tinnitus…).

A CRO in hearing disorders to link research to preclinical development…and reach clinical development

To always propose the best quality services at the cutting edge of science and technology and ensure a continuous evolution of models, CILcare is working hand in hand with experienced academic teams all over the world contributing to the acceleration of preclinical knowledge in hearing disorders.