ARO 2021 Workshop : Replay & Presentation

This year, CILcare has actively participated in the Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). Alongside our partners from ENT Clinical, CILcare did conduct a workshop entitled "Translating Pre-Clinical Findings Into Successful Clinical...

Hear the Word : World Hearing Day 2021

Each year on March 3rd, the community celebrates World Hearing Day, an annual event organized by the World Health Organization to raise awareness around hearing disorders. This year, CILcare is pleased to be joined by actors and experts from all over the hearing field...

CILcare is attending ARO’s 2021 Midwinter Meeting!

CILcare is attending ARO’s 2021 Midwinter Meeting!

CILcare is pleased to announce its participation at ARO's 2021 Midwinter Meeting, an event that gathers the most innovative actors in the hearing field. Workshop : Translating Pre-Clinical Findings Into Successful Clinical TrialsCILcare is pleased to announce its...

Replay : AFSSI Webinar

Here is the replay of AFSSI's webinar that took place on November 10th 2020, where Marie Peytavy-Izard represented CILcare to talk about the hearing field.