CILcare guides life science industries and academics in the development of novel therapies and medical devices for ear disorders. Our decades of industrial experience, including discovery, regulatory, preclinical and clinical development, provide us with great capabilities to speed up your product’s R&D cycle time.

Benefit from a recognized and passionate research team of experts in otology to:

  • Build R&D strategies
  • Customize preclinical plans
  • Receive support in due diligence process for licencing molecules of interest


Case studies

What are the most relevant compounds in the pipeline to be selected for a development program in the field of hearing ?

  • Gain actionable recommendations with ranking opportunities based on scientific rationale, targeted clinical indications, stages of development, patent protection, time to market.

How to develop one selected drug candidate for ear disorders? What is the roadmap to the market? The best clinical indications? Regulatory key challenges?

  • Obtain a Target Product Profile forming the basis of design for the design of a drug development program with:

      Product description
      Scientific rationale
      Target indications
      Target populations
       Regulatory strategies
       Competitive environment
      Preclinical proof of concept program
       Budget and timelines