CILcare’s R&D & Open innovation

Leveraging years of expertise in auditory research, CILcare has developed a groundbreaking approach to translate advanced science in hearing disorders coupled with auditory signature and real-world evidence into novel therapies.

While hearing loss has been ranked as the 3rd most common cause of YLDs, more and more studies have highlighted linking to other chronic disabling conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many more. A growing body of research has shown that hearing loss confers an independent risk of dementia, which could be a harbinger of declining cognitive function.

In less than a decade, CILcare has generated a massive set of preclinical auditory data on various auditory models. Combined with real-world data, we believe that these auditory digital signatures will be at the heart to develop new targeted therapies of age-related hearing disorders.


With an unmatched understanding of the mechanisms of hearing disorders in neurodegeneration and inflammation, CILcare has developed a proprietary pipeline of licensed compounds. CILcare’s assets are currently in preclinical phases. The main goal is to develop targeted therapies to treat the early signs of age-related hearing disorders and to delay the onset of neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases.

CILcare’s ambition is to continue partnering with life sciences companies looking for external innovations in the field of ear disorders and related conditions.

auditory signature
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