Scientific experts

CILcare is surrounded by a Scientific Advisory Committee and a team of international key experts in specific domains. We are very grateful to have their support, and we consider it an honor to have them on board.

The Scientific Committee


INSERM Research Director, CNRS UMR7260

Known for being one of the most famous international experts on pathophysiology and the rehabilitation of deafness and tinnitus, Dr.Cazals spent the majority of his research career studying cochlear disorders, and his work is now a point of reference for detecting and measuring hearing loss and tinnitus in pharmacology. His research has given depth and perspective to research in hearing. His mentoring of CILcare has put us on the cutting edge of scientific progress in translational sciences, and we are all very grateful towards him.

Prof. Richard SALVI

SUNY Distinguished Professor at the University at Buffalo – USA

Prof. Salvi is internationally known for his scientific work on the auditory system and hearing disorders, as well as over 400 publications. His research spans topics including noise-induced hearing loss, ototoxicity, age-related hearing loss, hair cell regeneration, tinnitus, hyperacusis and neural plasticity. Currently the Director of the Center of Hearing and Deafness at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Prof. Salvi advises CILcare in the selection, set-up and the management of scalable preclinical models of normal hearing and hearing loss, and will be accessible to drug developers for their last preclinical steps before moving in clinical trials. Having his experience and expertise is a true honor.

Dr. Arnaud NORENA

CNRS Research Director, CNRS UMR7260

Dr. Norena leads the “Sensory systems and neuroplasticity” team at the Department of Neuroscience in Aix-Marseille University, where he also teaches as a full-time Professor. His work has been focused on understanding auditory function and dysfunction mechanisms for many years with a strong emphasis on tinnitus physiology and psychophysics. He has also developed an influential model of tinnitus (Noreña, 2011; Noreña and Farley, 2012). His innovation is continuously rewarded by national and international agencies and he has published nearly 40 papers in the field of auditory neurophysiology and tinnitus. A true explorer, he always pushes CILcare’s to be the very best. We’re very lucky to have him on board.


R&D Engineer, Director of NEWLAB

This scientific data management Engineer has over 30 years of preclinical and industrial research. He has led the development of software and hardware for real-time, embedded and high performance systems. He specializes in the architecture, design and construction of software products and development processes to optimize productivity and workflow. In his current position, he leads a software research and development team.

The experts


Senior consultant in drug & health solutions development

A graduated veterinarian, Dr. Ythier-Moury has over 25 years of experience in large pharmaceutical industry, leading scientific research platforms in healthy ageing and thrombosis fields. She built innovative strategies to develop health solutions for the prevention of major chronic diseases linked to ageing, and managed international development up to novel drug launch globally.

Dr. Bernard BOURRIÉ

President of ABC Oncology

With over 30 years of experience in academic research and pharmaceuticals, Dr.Bourrié heads ABC Oncology, a company dedicated to consulting and training in experimental preclinical oncology. He also teaches “New R&D strategies in oncology – Cancer personalized medicine” in several Universities in France and is the author of a book entitled “Passeurs d’Histoires”.