CILcare will be attending the Stem Cell Conference on August 29-31, 2018

Neurex stem cells network meeting

CILcare will be attending the upcoming Stem Cell Conference 2018, which takes place on August 29-31, 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.

Meet Sylvie Cosnier-Pucheu, Ph.D to discover more about our hearing loss screening model in zebrafish.

Zebrafish are small aquatic vertebrates, displaying a remarkable capacity to spontaneously regenerate their hair cells. CILcare’s model allows to test in vivo the capacity of drug candidates to enhance this regenerative process, in order to identify molecules that could promote the formation of new hair cells in deaf patients in the near future. This model can also be used to screen the potential ototoxicity of new compounds.

Ototoxic compound administration to transgenic fish expressing GFP in the sensory cells eliminates about 40% of inner ear hair cells. Confocal imaging is performed to quantify hair cells in control and ototoxic-treated transgenic fish to evaluate hair cell loss (and further regeneration). First, the precise time course of hair cell loss in the inner ear can be determined after ototoxic treatment. Then, secondly, by comparing regeneration in the presence and absence of a drug candidate, a test can be performed to evaluate whether this drug is able to modulate hair cell regeneration.

About Neurex Basel Stem Cells Network Meeting

We invite you to an exciting international meeting covering the latest findings on stem cells in different organs and organisms during development and in the adult. Topics will include development, stem cell niches, tissue homeostasis and how stem cells respond to aging, injury or disease states. The meeting is co-organised by the Basel Stem Cell Network (BSCN) and Neurex. The program includes plenary lectures, short oral presentations selected from the submitted abstracts, and poster sessions.

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