our pipeline

Cilcare Therapeutics is a biotechnology company specializing in neurotology, with a portfolio of proprietary drug candidates for the treatment of hearing impairments and associated neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases.

Drawing on our unmatched understanding of the mechanisms of hearing disorders in neurodegeneration and inflammation, we have built a robust and sustainable pipeline of compounds. 

* Cilcare has full rights on the in-licensed compounds

Cilcare Therapeutics is a pioneer in the clinical approach to developing compounds targeting cochlear synaptopathy. Commonly referred to as “hidden hearing loss”, this condition is characterized by a normal audiogram in patients and is relatively challenging to diagnose, lacking appropriate non-invasive biomarkers. 

Cilcare’s clinical development strategy is based on a disruptive AI-driven technology that aims to define digital auditory signatures. This auditory profiling, collected from selected subpopulations, will enable to precisely characterize cochlear synaptopathy and differentiate it from other types of hearing disorders, such as sensorineural hearing loss, caused by damage to the hair cells themselves. Ultimately, these biomarkers will allow the recruitment of the right patients at the right time through a rapid, standardized, and non-invasive battery of tests.