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external innovation

Cilcare supports its partners in the health and life-sciences sector in the development of new therapies to prevent and treat auditory-related diseases including inherited hearing loss, synaptopathy, ototoxicity, sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus

Facing the challenges of drug development in ear indications and the overall translation from preclinical studies to human clinical trials, Cilcare External Innovation pioneers the access to an R&D platform and experts that allow the evaluation of hearing in humans and animals. Since its inception in 2014, Cilcare offers robust ex vivo and in vivo pharmacological models including GLP toxicology for ototoxicity to test the effectiveness, exposure, and toxicity of drug candidates, medical devices, gene therapies and cell therapies. These models harness an array of advanced techniques, including electrophysiological and electroacoustic evaluations (ABR, DPOAE), noise-induction, behavioral assessments (PPI, Startle Reflex, Gap Inhibition), histopathological analyses of tissues (whole mount cochlea and vestibule), cochlear explants, combined with an unparalleled expertise in inner ear delivery, fluid and tissue samplings, as well as microsurgery

Operating from both France and the US, Cilcare leverages state-of-the-art laboratories, passionate research experts in neurotology, as well as a global network of partners, to offer tailored R&D programs designed to meet the unique needs of each one of our clients.