delivery capabilities

Our expertise in otic delivery encompasses both middle and inner ear procedures. With the cochlea’s intricate anatomy and the delicate structures of the inner ear, the challenges in accessing these areas are evident. That is why working with experts in this field is crucial. We specialize in addressing these complexities, utilizing advanced techniques in microsurgery to ensure precise and effective interventions.

middle ear administration

  • Transtympanic
  • Intrabullar
  • Tympanostomy
  • Round window niche

intracochlear administration

  • Round window membrane injection with a posterior semi-circular canal vent (1)
  • Posterior semi-circular canal injection (2)
  • Cochleostomy (3)

other routes of administration

Other routes of administration

  • Systemic:
    • PO, IM, SC
    • IP and IV (bolus or infusion)
  • Other:
    • Intranasal
    • Intrathecal
    • Intracerebrovesicular (ICV)