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Read publications and scientific journal articles related to inner ear disorders like tinnitus, hearing loss, and otitis. Those publications and articles are publics. You can learn more about our services or CILcare’s team actualities.

Through these articles, several approaches to hearing disorders are discussed. The work of our team of scientists and the scientific literature highlight themes on these disorders, including pharmaceutical approaches for the management of inner ear disorders or biomarkers for Hearing Dysfunction.



cilcare's publications

Gratias Paul, Jamal Nasr, Corentin Affortit, Jean-Charles Ceccato, Florence François, François Casas, Rémy Pujol, Sylvie Pucheu, Jean-Luc Puel, and Jing Wang. 2021. Antioxidants 10, no. 12: 1880.

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The final publication is available at Springer Nature via

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cilcare's scientific posters