cilcare auditory analytics

Unlocking Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine with cilcare Auditory Analytics

At Cilcare Auditory Analytics, our mission is clear: harnessing the power of auditory measurements to revolutionize the early diagnosis and targeted treatment of neurocognitive and inflammatory diseases

Pioneering AI-Driven Analysis

Our groundbreaking approach is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Drawing upon a database of auditory measurements collected during both preclinical and clinical phases, we have developed an innovative AI-based analysis method. This method enables us to translate these auditory data in combination with any biomarker into multimodal analytics through the use of proprietary algorithms and deep learning

Digital Auditory Signatures

The result? Digital auditory signatures that offer profound insight. These signatures emerge from a comprehensive array of subjective and objective audiological assessments, combined with relevant biomarkers. They shine a light on deficiencies within the auditory pathway, spanning from the ear canal all the way to the brain.

Auditory signatures represent a new cornerstone of precision medicine, with numerous applications in preclinical and clinical research, as well as in patient care.

Auditory Signatures in Clinical Research

Enhancing sub-population Patient Selection and Treatment Assessment

Auditory signatures play a pivotal role in clinical research, serving as a functional biomarker in the process. They act as both a refined inclusion/exclusion criterion for patient recruitment, particularly needed in the field of inner ear disorders, and an objective assessment tool to gauge the effectiveness of medications.

Auditory signatures help pinpoint the individuals most likely to benefit from treatment, thus streamlining patient selection and increasing the chances of treatment success. Our ambition is to provide more objective auditory assessments. Additionally, they offer a non-invasive and standardized means to determine the efficacy of medications, providing valuable insight into their impact on patients’ auditory health.

Elevating Overall Health

Digital Auditory Signatures represent a transformative tool for safeguarding and enhancing overall health. Their multifaceted utility spans across a spectrum of critical healthcare functions:

  • Prediction of risks associated with certain diseases that develop silently
  • Early and specific diagnosis, long before the onset of symptoms
  • Disease stage characterization and monitoring
  • Treatment selection

At Cilcare, our ambition knows no bounds. We are on a mission to revolutionize hearing healthcare, and we firmly believe that this transformation can only be achieved through a synergistic collaboration involving various stakeholders: academics, AI and hearing researchers, biotech and medtech innovators, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare practitioners, and patient associations. All must unite in the mission to speed up the implementation of novel auditory biomarkers for elevating overall health.