who we are

Making Hearing A Priority

Cilcare is a biotech dedicated to harnessing auditory sciences to reshape the future of care via early diagnosis and targeted treatment. We believe hearing acts as a valuable indicator of our health and must be monitored and preserved accordingly. As awareness of the link between hearing and chronic health conditions grows, auditory sciences are paving the way for the early detection of chronic neurocognitive, inflammatory, and age-related diseases.

We firmly believe uniting auditory sciences and Artificial Intelligence elevates clinical research, allowing patients to receive the proper treatment at the right time. This synergy also heralds a revolution in a new pillar of precision medicine.

We believe that scientific excellence and experience are fundamental to R&D in neurosciences & otology. Progress and success thrive when passionate, ambitious, and resilient experts work toward a common goal with stakeholders, sharing collective intelligence.

Our mission is to ensure hearing impairments are addressed earlier and with precision, as they are often associated with chronic diseases from their very early stages.

Our history

Cilcare was founded in 2014 by 3 women: scientists and business executives with large backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry. Cilcare’s initial mission was fueled by the ambition to offer solutions to millions of individuals suffering from ear diseases, an area marked by significant unmet medical needs.

Cilcare’s approach revolves around providing a crucial missing element in the drug development process, specifically addressing the translational research stage. Cilcare set up a cutting-edge R&D platform, with robust and translational pharmacological models of noise-induced hearing loss, synaptopathy, drug-induced ototoxicity, tinnitus, and otitis.

In 2017, Cilcare partnered with CBSET, a translational biomedical center linked to the MIT, to accelerate its mission and development in the United States and expand its external innovation platform to include GLP-compliant ototoxicity studies, gene and cell therapies.

In less than a decade, Cilcare has emerged as a catalyzer in drug, medical devices, gene and cell therapy development for hearing loss and tinnitus, driving transformative breakthroughs. Cilcare’s collaborations with leading hearing research companies and academic institutions across the globe have resulted in track records of over 100 deals and a network of over 3,000 qualified potential business partners.  Cilcare’s scientific excellence has been recognized by major Key Opinion Leaders, with some of the best having joined its Scientific Advisory Board.  

In 2020, using an unmatched understanding of the physiopathology of inner ear disorders and therapeutic targets, Cilcare conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify compounds ideally positioned for hearing diseases. As a result, Cilcare successfully acquired four compounds from a big pharmaceutical company’s R&D portfolio, specifically tailored to address cochlear synaptopathy and other forms of auditory disorders.

In 2023, Cilcare launched a first observational clinical trial in diabetic patients aiming to deepen knowledge of the link between diabetes and hearing pathologies. Clinical results will help define novel auditory biomarkers in neuro-inflammatory diseases and optimize patient recruitment in clinical studies.

Our commitments

Hearing plays an indispensable role in the human experience, serving as a cornerstone for various aspects of life. It underpins communication, facilitates learning, fosters social interaction, enables emotional expression, and ensures safety. Cilcare is dedicated to harnessing auditory sciences to drive medical innovation to improve patient care. These guidelines are led by inner values shared by all its team members and are the source of our motivation:


Collaborating and federating is our way to build durable customer and partner relationships. We believe in collective intelligence with the aim of improving people’s lives.


Acting ethically, responsibly and efficiently at all levels of our activities. We conduct internal audits and consult ethics committees on a regular basis as a means of ensuring a continuous improvement of our practices. We are committed in the fight against conflicts of interest and all forms of corruption.


We do our utmost to always provide services of high quality, by respecting deadlines and offering new solutions in order to value the innovation of our clients and partners, and to accelerate Research and Development in the field of hearing disorders.


We continuously think beyond our services and never forget that what we are doing should improve patients’ lives. We value our team members large industrial backgrounds and expertise in the field of hearing disorders, and we take care to ensure their continuous development and the safety of their workplaces.


Dedicating and innovating, always answering our clients’ and partners’ needs is our priority.

Cilcare is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Environmental Social Governance policy

At Cilcare, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world around us. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy lies at the heart of everything we do, guiding our decisions and actions as we strive for sustainable growth and responsible corporate citizenship.

The very nature of our activity has the ultimate goal of providing health solutions to grant better lives to patients, by protecting or restoring an essential sense: hearing. It is a mission that represents a strong public health issue, and at every level of the company, we measure the responsibility we have.”

Celia Belline, CEO

Governance excellence

  • We adhere to the basic principles of corporate governance including accountability, transparency, fairness, responsibility, and robust risk management.
  • We are steadfast in our commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest or combating corruption.
  • We ensure strict compliance with the laws & regulatory framework
  • We ensure Cilcare’s ESG criteria are an integrated part of our strategic decisions


  • We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable practices
  • Our efforts extend to reducing negative impacts on biodiversity, prioritizing conservation and preservation
  • We strive to reduce waste generated by our activities through renouncing, regrouping, recycling, reusing, and repairing

Social & Societal Responsibility

  • We contribute to global health by leveraging in auditory science to pioneer early and precise interventions for hearing impairments, recognizing their intricate association with chronic diseases from their onset.
  • We maintain a safe, inclusive, and free from discrimination workplace, cultivating a culture that values respect and diversity.
  • Continuous training and well-being initiatives are prioritized to support the holistic development and fulfillment of our employees.
  • We are committed to educating young people to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the future of our society.
  • Our sustainable purchasing policy reflects our commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible consumption.