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Cilcare Therapeutics has forged a portfolio of proprietary drug candidates and co-developed programs, while pioneering an unprecedented clinical approach to developing compounds targeting cochlear synaptopathy. 

Cilcare holds a portfolio of 4 key proprietary drug candidates acquired from Sanofi with 4 issued patents.   

CIL001, the lead compound, is ready to enter phase IIA in the treatment of cochlear synaptopathy, a hot topic in the scientific community. Cochlear synaptopathy corresponds to a lack of intelligibility leading to difficulties to hear in a noisy environment. It is an early sign of age-related hearing loss, affecting one in 4 people over 45, with an even higher prevalence in patients with chronic diseases. It is aggravated by noise exposure, with over 1.1 Bn young people at risk of hearing loss according to the WHO, which points out the extreme urgency of action for auditory safety. CIL001 has shown unprecedented preclinical efficacy, restoring full activity of the auditory nerve and repairing synapses. It already holds the major parts of pre-IND/CTA packages that secure streamlined regulatory applications.

Cilcare’s clinical paths include real world evidence studies that Cilcare runs to phenotype the auditory functions of specific patient subpopulations with early onset and severe synaptopathy.