Our team

Together, we all work tirelessly towards a common goal: making hearing a priority.

Our combined experience and expertise in otology and neurosciences, and our strong background in auditory research and in the pharmaceutical industry, allow us to help this cause. The team is comprised of doctors, engineers, and pharmacists, who are all able to bring something new and diverse to the table. Our youth, dynamism, and multiculturality allow us to constantly improve, learn, and adapt to our customers wishes. We invite you to learn more about the different parts of CILcare that together make a whole.

Team CILcare Celia BELLINE


Team CILcare Marie-Pierre PASDELOU

Marie-Pierre PASDELOU



Team CILcare Philippe LARROZE-CHICOT


Team CILcare Philippe LARROZE-CHICOT

Aurore MARIE

Team CILcare Susanna MALMSTRÖM


Team CILcare Cyrille SAGE

Cyrille SAGE

Team CILcare Véronique BAUDOUX

Véronique BAUDOUX

Team CILcare Gaëlle NAERT

Gaëlle NAERT

Team CILcare Elodie FLASZKA


Team CILcare Mark SELF


Team CILcare Amandine LABOULAIS




Team CILcare Camille DEJEAN

Camille DEJEAN

Team CILcare Wahid AWAD

Wahid AWAD



Team CILcare Carolanne COYAT

Carolanne COYAT

Team CILcare Louis FONTAYNE


Team CILcare Marion SOUCHAL


Team CILcare Charles VINCENT


Team CILcare Paul GRATIAS


Team CILcare Yelyzaveta BYELYAYEVA



Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Celia has over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She worked as the global head of clinical trial logistics and supply chains in Sanofi R&D, was a permanent member of clinical strategic committees, and the Director of projects dealing with major chronic diseases associated with aging, where she developed her interest and expertise in hearing disorders. She trained at ESSEC and London Business Schools, in addition to holding several masters degrees in project management, industrial strategy and health environment.


Oncology, Neurology and Psychiatry, as well as leading projects in T2 Diabetes and Age-Related Hearing Loss.


Singing and dancing, Rock and Jazz music

Who is your favourite artist?

Nina Simone

Marie-Pierre PASDELOU, PharmD

Founder, CILcare Inc. Director, and Chief Development Officer

Marie-Pierre has over 24 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly as a drug developer. She worked in antithrombotics before moving towards aging, where she developed her interest and expertise in hearing disorders. She led an International Regulatory Department at Sanofi, where she oversaw the preparation of files for worldwide submission and the review of preclinical dossiers. She is also an expert in public health, integrated solutions and mobile health.


Pharm.D from Paris V, with degrees in Pharmacokinetics and Geron-technology


Sailing, the sea, and reading

Which historical character inspires you?

Simone Weil

Sylvie PUCHEU, Ph.D

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Pucheu has more than 23 years’ experience in academic research and the pharmaceutical industry. Before co-founding CILcare, she led an in-vivo pharmacology group working on tinnitus and hearing loss, alongside a number of the most highly-regarded academic experts in hearing disorders. She also led scientific teams at Sanofi, in the fields of cardiology, oncology, aging and hearing, as well as being deeply involved in their Ethics Committee. She is the author of several publications and of a patent.


Ph.D in Cardiovascular Pharmacology (University of Grenoble), post-doc in Boston for Eukarion


Sports (sailing and skiing), travelling

What is your favourite destination?

The USA (especially California and Boston)


Engineer, Director of Quality & Purchasing

Philippe has more than 10 years’ experience in in-vivo-pharmacology and small animal imaging, with a strong background in the pharmaceutical industry. Highly regarded for the quality and precision of his work, he maintains continuing relationships with several key international experts in tinnitus and hearing loss to ensure he keeps his technical skills current. He studied and developed animal models at Sanofi, in the fields of cardiology, oncology and hearing. He is the author of reports on tinnitus drug development.


Engineering degree in Life Sciences and Pharmacology




How do you keep fit?

I go swimming on a regular basis.

Aurore MARIE

Engineer, R&D Senior Project Manager and IMPLAN-T Project Director

Aurore specializes in in-vivo Pharmacology. With prior experience in neurosciences, her key competencies in the lab include electro-physiological measurements and brain surgery. Being particularly talented in complex surgical procedures, she is able to measure evoked potentials of the auditory function on chronic and acute protocols, several of which she developed herself. With her expertise in project management, she leads IMPLAN-T, a collaborative project aiming to accelerate the development of an intra-cochlear drug delivery system.


Master in Project Management and Innovation in Biotechnology with Honors (University of Montpellier)


Running and traveling

Favourite spot to run?

Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA


R&D Project Manager, Director of PK and COCHLEOFIX Project Director

Dr. Malmström has more than 12 years’ experience in academic research. She worked with rodent models and biomarker validation in neurodegenerative diseases, and is an expert in managing research and development projects, with a broad in-vitro and in-vivo technical competence. At CILcare, she coordinates and leads the pharmacokinetic studies, as well as CochleOfix in collaboration with KeenEye and the Institut Pasteur. Originally from Sweden, she interacts regularly with international experts in the field. She is also the author of several scientific publications.


Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of Lund, Sweden), M.A. (University of Texas, Austin), Post-doc in the field of ion transport (INRA, Montpellier)


Outdoor activities and nature


What causes are you passionate about?

Living in harmony with nature and reducing our carbon footprint.

Cyrille SAGE, Ph.D

R&D Project Manager, Senior Scientist

Dr. Sage has nearly 20 years of experience in inner hair cell research, conducting research projects both in France and in the US. During the past 5 years, he worked as Research Associate in gene therapy in Harvard Medical School, where he led a research project aiming at studying the genomic regulation of hair cells. He brings to CILcare extensive experience and know-how in inner ear biology including microsurgery (round window injection, intracochlear administration) cochleogram, and in vivo gene delivery.


Ph. D in Neuroscience (University of Marseille II, France). Post-doc (Massachussetts General Hospital of Boston, USA)


Cooking, animated movies

Who is your favourite Manga character?

Major Motoko Kusanagi

Véronique BAUDOUX

Engineer and R&D Senior Project Manager

Véronique’s expertise lies in the most advanced electrophysiological and electroacoustic measurement techniques. Before joining CILcare, she worked in Professor Paul Avan’s laboratory, who is known world-wide for his measurements of Evoked Potentials. Véronique focuses on the development and management of behavioral models for the tinnitus platform, and excels in surgical techniques, notably for the round window local administration.


Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Clermont Ferrand)



Best movies seen recently

Lion, by Garth Davis; Wild, by Jean-Marc Vallée

Gaëlle NAERT, Ph.D

Chief Operations Officer

Gaëlle spent 13 years in France and Canada developing animals models to investigate the therapeutic avenues of major Central Nervous System disorders, such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease, neuro-inflammation processes which relate to otic and hearing diseases. Aside from developing drugs for CNS disorders, she has a wide range of project management and business development competencies, and is the author of many scientific communications and publications, as well as receiving many scholarships and awards.


Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Endocrinology (University of Montpellier), Post-doc in Neuroimmunology (CRCHUL, Québec) and Kinases (University of Montpellier) in Alzheimer’s disease



How do you relax?

By spending time with family and friends.


R&D Project Manager

Elodie demonstrates an excellent level of technical skills in fields including neurosurgery, general surgery, and behavioral tests. A graduate in analytical and experimental biology, she has been working for 5 years on the development of drug candidates in neurosciences. For CILcare, she specializes in the in-vivo models of ear inflammation, and carries out efficacy studies, as well as other tasks, from designing protocols to interpreting discovery data, with great talent and dynamism!


BTS in Bioanalysis and Quality Control (Ecole de Saliège, Toulouse), and a Licence in Analytical and Experimental Biology (IUT de Montpellier II)


African dance (Mandingue)

How does this interest help you?

It fills me with positive energy and a sense of wellbeing.


Executive Assistant

Mark has a broad set of skills which he uses to help CILcare in its new growth phase. Having lived in Europe and South America, he is fluent in English, French, and Spanish, with proficiency in Italian and Portuguese. Before joining CILcare, he held a number of different positions in varied domains such as education, gardening, and tourism. These experiences, combined with his strong capability to communicate and adapt, allow him to bring different techniques and perspectives to the table, helping in areas including communication and administration.


Education, tourism, gardening and languages.


Languages and travelling

Favourite holiday destination

Edinburgh, Scotland


PhD. Student

Amandine is currently working towards obtaining her PhD in Biophysics at the University of Montpellier. She provides a fresh and dynamic perspective to CILcare, as she navigates between her work, which involves providing us with flawless imaging and keeping us up-to-date with all the latest techniques in image processing, and writing her thesis on the search of behaviorally validated physiological markers of tinnitus in rodents: an approach centered on MRI methods.


Image Processing, Biophysics, Nanoscience, Bioengineering (University of Montpellier)

How do you spend your free time?

I run and cycle a lot, and I sing in a gospel choir

What is your favourite musical genre?

Jazz, blues and British rock


Marketing & Business Development Director

Marie has a broad range of innovation marketing and business development experience, and has played key roles in product launches in pharma, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Having previously led the global marketing strategy for a start-up company specializing in the development and marketing of health food ingredients for Type 2 diabetes prevention, as well as serving as Clinical Project Manager for the conduct of clinical trials in partnership with CRO’s, she is now responsible for the strategic direction of commercial activities for CILcare.


Biochemical engineer, with a degree in Innovation Marketing (Toulouse Business School)

Passion in life


Guilty pleasure


Camille DEJEAN

Research engineer

Camille specializes in experimental and regenerative medicine. Before joining CILcare, she was part of a research project in Canada investigating the crucial role of free radicals and oxidative stress on cerebral functions throughout the aging process and in some neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. At CILcare, Camille is involved in our DETEC-T research project, which aims to develop the understanding and interpretation of physiological measures in rodent models of tinnitus, notably employing the gap-inhibited acoustic startle (GPIAS).


Master’s in Health and Biology at the University of Montpellier


Travelling, tennis, volleyball, music.

Your most unforgettable experience?

Winter in Canada, -40°C!

Wahid AWAD, Ph.D

Director of Business Strategy and Alliances

Dr. Awad has more than 14 years of international expertise in life sciences in both industry and academia. His experiences vary from research and teaching to business development, sales, leadership and management.  Having lived in four countries (Egypt, the Netherlands, the USA and currently France), he has a multicultural and multidisciplinary understanding of both academic and industrial life sciences environments. Wahid has passion for innovation, networking and connecting people to build collaborative relationships based on win-win outcomes.


Postdoc INRA, Versailles, France; Ph.D. in Plant Genetics Colorado State University, USA, M.Sc. in Biotechnology Wageningen University, Netherlands and B.Sc. in International Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt.


Volunteering, politics, leadership, sports, travelling, languages and music.

What is your favourite sport?

I love to run, play football, basketball, tennis, table tennis and squash.



Dr. Raghunathan is an experienced Pharmacologist with experience in pre-clinical research and molecular biology. She has extensive experience in the field of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and stem cell reprogramming, along with diabetes. With a background of working in a collaborative academic environment, and experience in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies, she brings a broader perspective of research experience to the table at CILcare. She is the author of several publications and has few scholarships and travel awards under her belt.


Ph.D in Pharmacology (University of Houston, USA). M.Pharm in Pharmacology (Nirma Univeristy, India)


Painting and cooking.

What’s your favorite food?

Indian and Tapas

Carolanne COYAT, Ph.D

R&D Project Manager

Carolanne’s expertise lies in auditory neuropathy. Over the past five years, she has been working on the evaluation of molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for sensorineural and age-related hearing loss. At CILcare, Dr. Coyat brings her expertise to the pharmacokinetics platform, along with her knowledge of the latest advances in histology, including ribbon synapses counting, electrophysiological techniques, and biological sampling.


Ph.D in Neuroscience (Institute of Neuroscience, Montpellier INM), Master’s in Toxicology at the University of Paul Sabatier Toulouse and UBO Brest


Beach volleyball, snorkelling

What do you dream of doing?

Diving with whales and sharks


Engineer, Research scientist assistant

Louis specializes in project management and biotechnology. Before joining CILcare, he was working in project management in a biotech quality department, developing his capacity to work in a high standard quality environment. In addition, he oversaw the development of innovative histology lab processes in order to study the interaction between tissues and medical devices. At CILcare, Louis is involved in study follow-ups and in/ex-vivo technique development.


Master’s degree in Project management and Innovation in Biotechnology (University of Montpellier)


Music, skiing and travelling

Favourite place to ski ?

Anywhere in the Alps


Marion SOUCHAL, Ph.D

R&D Project Manager

Marion’s expertise lies in highly advanced cochlear histology and electrophysiological measurement techniques. Before joining CILcare, she was working on the evaluation of molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for drug-induced and age-related hearing loss. Dr. Souchal has strong technical competence in histology, including immunohistochemistry, ribbon synapse counting, and biological sampling.


Ph.D in Neuroscience (Laboratory of Neurosensory Biophysics, Clermont Auvergne University),
Master’s degree in Genetics and Physiology at the Clermont Auvergne University


Horse riding, sports, traveling

Where was your best holiday?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Laboratory Manager

With more than 10 years’ supervisory experience in pharmacology laboratories, Charles has industry and academic specific knowledge to effectively drive CILcare’s research & production operations. Charles is responsible for the laboratory’s safety, including equipment and software monitoring and implementation, and he oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring they are all in line with regulatory requirements. He also participates in the setup of new preclinical models, experimental methods, and protocols, and provides excellent support in data management.


Master’s degree in drug preclinical expertise, pharmacology (Bourgogne Pharmacy University)


Hiking and skiing

What is your dream ski trip?

To ski the 2000m descent of the Tabuchet glacier in the alps


Ph.D Student

Paul is currently pursuing his PhD in the field of Health and Biology at the University of Montpellier. He is developing and characterizing a new rodent model for impulse noise-induced auditory neuropathy. This innovative project is achieved by combining electrophysiology, fluorescent microscopy and behavioural experimentation.


Master’s in Health and Biology at the University of Montpellier (Experimental and Regenerative Medicine)


Skiing, cycling and cinema

What is your favourite holiday destination?

South America


Business Development, Marketing and Communication Assistant

Yelyzaveta is currently following a Management of Innovation program at Sorbonne Sciences Université à Paris to complement her Neuroscience degree with business and managerial skills. Her scientific background and critical thinking allow her to better understand the R&D challenges of the hearing field and identify new business opportunities. Her various multicultural experiences, including teaching helps her in the communication and marketing activities at CILcare. Before joining CILcare, she was part of a research project studying the role of striatal cholinergic interneurons in input integration in mouse brain. 


B.Sc. in Life Sciences (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)
M.Sc. in Integrative Biology and Physiology, specialized in Neuroscience (Sorbonne Sciences Université & Brain and Spine Institute)


Learning, teaching, music, languages

What does motivate you to wake up early in the morning?

The thirst for knowledge and a good breakfast.