Wahid AWAD, Ph.D, was promoted as Director of Business Strategy and Alliances


CILcare is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Wahid AWAD as the Director of Business Strategy and Alliances for CILcare. Dr. Awad was the Business Development Manager for CILcare since March, 2018.

Dr. Awad has more than 14 years of international expertise in life sciences in both industry and academia. His experiences vary from research and teaching to business development, sales, leadership and management.  Having lived in four countries (Egypt, the Netherlands, the USA and currently France), he has a multicultural and multidisciplinary understanding of both academic and industrial life sciences environments. Wahid has passion for innovation, networking and connecting people to build collaborative relationships and alliances based on win-win outcomes.

Responding to the question about the challenges of this new role, Wahid answered:

“I think that the major challenge is to figure out a way to bring together the different actors in the healthcare domain to work collectively towards mitigating the socioeconomic impacts of hearing disorders (hearing loss, tinnitus, and otitis). Then another challenge would be to encourage biotech and pharma companies to increase the investment in this huge unmet medical need.

Finally, solving the translational question and developing a centralized reading tool for monitoring hearing loss in clinical trials is a challenge that I would like to help overcome.  Helping to bring a client’s drug for treating hearing loss or tinnitus to the market would be a great starting point.” Dr. Wahid AWAD

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