CILcare has expanded its production capacity to better address the increasing demand for external innovation in hearing disorders

Montpellier, France, January 16th, 2020: CILcare, world-leading CRO entirely specialized in the field of hearing, announces that they have moved their French site and are now established within a big pharmaceutical park in Montpellier.
The new laboratories and offices allow CILcare to expand production capacity and better address the increasing demand for external innovation in ear diseases.

CILcare has developed its business foundations on unique expertise in testing, in preclinical trials, the efficacy and safety of drugs, gene & cell therapy, and implantable devices that target hearing loss, tinnitus and otitis. CILcare’s team is mainly composed of engineers, Doctors, and experts in otology and neurosciences. The company operates worldwide from its facilities in the South of France and in Lexington, MA, where CILcare is partnered with CBSET, a not-for-profit CRO specialized in translational sciences linked to MIT. CILcare already has a portfolio of over 50 clients, in the USA, Europe and Asia, and is recognized worldwide as the best CRO partner for external innovation in hearing disorders.

Although no drug has been approved for inner ear diseases on the market yet, hundreds of drug candidates are being developed and some will succeed in reaching the market in the next few months, giving hope to the 466M people worldwide who suffer from hearing impairments. CILcare’s mission is to support these development programs.

With increasing demand, CILcare has upscaled its production capacity and moved its French labs to a new Pharma site in Montpellier.

Philippe LARROZE-CHICOT, Director of Quality at CILcare, comments: The expansion of our laboratories enables us to significantly increase our production within state-of-the-art facilities. Both in the US and in France, we are now established in Big Pharma Bioparks, which gives CILcare’s team all the ingredients to deliver the highest quality standards and address all of our clients’ needs.

CILcare has leveraged its strength in people & talent management and in process development to promote its service offering based on market needs. This, combined with CILcare’s secured production capabilities, has allowed the team to build strong and sustainable client and partner relationships. This strong culture, present in each and every one of CILcare’s team members and partners, is of key importance to maintain and develop a strong focus on a very ambitious objective: making hearing a priority.

Together with CBSET, we have become the one-stop shop partner for Pharma, Biotech and Medtech companies targeting ear diseases. We can personally cover the whole development chain in our labs, drawing on our strong partnerships with other preclinical and clinical CROs that we specifically train on hearing and otology project specificities, underlines Célia Belline, CILcare’s CEO.

About CILcare: CILcare is the world-leading R&D services company specialized in hearing disorders. CILcare has internal R&D project direction capabilities and runs PK, PD, tolerance and ototoxicity studies for drugs, cell & gene therapies, and implantable devices that target hearing loss, tinnitus and otitis. CILcare was created in 2014 by a team of three women, business executives and scientists, who spent most of their careers leading preclinical, clinical and regulatory groups within Big Pharma. Established in Montpellier, Paris, and Boston, the company has become the one-stop-shop partner for pharmaceutical industries, biotechs and medtechs developing new therapies for people with hearing and otic disorders.


Marie Peytavy,

Director of Marketing & Business Development

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