CILcare announced among the winners of EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global 2020 program !

CILcare announced among the winners of EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global 2020 program

CILcare announced among the winners of EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global 2020 program


Montpellier, 4 June 2020: CILcare, the world’s leading CRO specialized in the field of hearing, is one of the winners of EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global 2020 program and will receive 40k€ in funding to speed up market penetration across Asia and develop a new solution for hearing monitoring in clinical trial.


CILcare continues its efforts to support Biotech, MedTech and pharma companies to accelerate new therapeutic development for millions of patients suffering from hearing impairments and waiting for efficient solutions to improve their quality of life. CILcare, the leading CRO in auditory preclinical services, will use Bridgehead Global’s funding to accelerate its market expansion to Asia, building on an established network which already includes Japan and South Korea. In parallel, CILcare will also expand its activities into the clinical monitoring of hearing loss in clinical trials

“The development of a new solution to monitor hearing deficiencies is a key element of our strategy to support our Sponsors in their clinical trials and achieve their goals” comments Dr. Wahid Awad, CILcare’s Chief Business Officer. “CILcare will provide pharmaceutical companies with a customized and centralized hearing assessment tool for human clinical assays. This will serve as a biomarker to narrow patient recruitment to the best potential responders, to identify, patients at higher risk of developing ototoxicity earlier, and ultimately to assess the efficacy of drug candidates targeting Hearing Disorders.”

“2020 is a pivotal year for CILcare” adds Celia Belline, CILcare’s Chief Executive Officer. “With its newly relocated and expanded Montpellier-based headquarters, our global R&D capacity has significantly scaled up to meet the increasing demand of external innovations in ear disorders. We are now investing in hearing measurements monitoring needed in clinical trials. We expect to become as common in the assessment of Hearing Functions as a central Electrocardiogram is for the assessment of Cardiac Function.”

Bridgehead Global is an internationalisation programme which facilitates European health SMEs to expand beyond Europe. It aims to support the participating companies by providing them access to experts and enablers. The highly individualised programme helps them reach new markets globally.


About CILcare: CILcare is an established company with unique expertise in testing the efficacy and safety of drugs, gene therapy, cell therapies and implantable devices that target hearing loss, tinnitus and otitis. CILcare operates worldwide from its facilities in France and USA to develop solutions for the 466M people worldwide suffering from Hearing Disorders.
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