How to assess drug candidates on tinnitus preclinical models for a successful transition to clinical trials ?

Sylvie Pucheu present a tinnitus webinar

Sylvie Pucheu will be presenting a webinar on preclinical tinnitus models on July 9, 2020:


Tinnitus is one of the most common hearing disorders, for which there is no drug on the market yet.
Dr Sylvie Pucheu, CSO & co-founder of CILcare, will present two preclinical models developed by CILcare allowing to induce and detect Tinnitus: Salicylate-induced and Noise-induced models.
Dr Pucheu will also provide insights on the readouts provided by these two models for a successful transition to clinical trials.
This webinar is co-organised with Neuroservices-Alliance, CILcare’s CRO partner specialized in CNS disorders. 

Date: July 9
Time: 8PM CEST


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