Webinar Nov 12: key success criteria for hearing (pre)clinical trials

In collaboration with ENT Clinical, we present the webinar:

Key success criteria for hearing (pre)clinical trials

November 12, 2020 – 18:00 CET


We are pleased to announce that this webinar, which is host by Dr. Helen Blackshaw, will be presented by: Prof. Anne Schilder and Dr. Wahid Awad.

During this webinar the following topics will be discussed:

  • Design of the preclinical studies -models, drug regimen, read out/measures- to support the clinical indication
  • Translation from preclinical to clinical with a link to
    • trial design
    • patient selection how to choose endpoints/outcome measure/diagnostics
    • access to populations: recruitment, feasibility, networks

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More information about ENT Clinical, you will find below:

ENT Clinical is the academic clinical research organisation with the know-how and expertise to support clinical development program in the hearing field. ENT Clinical combine clinical expertise and operational quality with specialist knowledge of the translational and patient pathways in hearing disorders, resulting in credible, creative, cost-effective solutions for clinical trials. ENT Clinical is embedded within Julius Clinical, an international science CRO with a long tradition of academic and operational excellence. Find out more on https://entclinical.com/

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