CILcare will be presenting a workshop with its partner CBSET at the ARO 2022 meeting

We are pleased to announce that CILcare and its partner CBSET are organizing a workshop that will gather renowned experts in the field of inner ear diseases.


Recent advances in understanding the mechanisms involved in inner ear diseases have accelerated the development of therapeutic approaches for hearing loss, tinnitus and other hearing disorders. Despite these remarkable advances, progress towards new treatments remains limited, in large measure because of the physiological barriers hindering delivery of drugs, gene and cells to the inner ear. Local delivery methods have been developed with the goal of avoiding systemic side effects and low dosage in the targeted organ. Intratympanic injection is currently the main translational delivery technique. With the rapidly growing field of gene- and cell-therapy for hearing disorders, other innovative solutions for direct delivery to the inner ear are required, while still being efficient and fully translational.

This workshop will provide an interactive opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of inner ear delivery technology, and emerging approaches toward safe and efficacious dosing of emerging therapeutic compounds. We will cover the different aspects of inner ear delivery, from promising therapeutic strategies to small molecules and cell therapy.  It will aim to clarify the translation of delivery approaches used in preclinical animal models to clinical trials in patients. Discussion will focus on practical aspects, including the experience of local delivery in the middle and inner ear in preclinical animal models, with a focus on preclinical delivery case studies and challenges for delivery in humans.

We are honoured and grateful to have Professor Peter Steyger, Ph. D. Director of the Translational Hearing Center, Creighton University, to chair this event, with Rami Tzafriri, Ph. D. Director of Research and Innovation at CBSET (co-chair).


  1. Delivery approaches to the inner ear used in animal models, by Gaëlle Naert, PhD, Chief Operations Officer, CILcare, France
  2. Factors in Intratympanic Drug Delivery for the Inner Ear, by Bonnie Jacques, PhD, Senior Director, Research & Preclinical Development, Otonomy, USA
  3. Local delivery of inner ear gene therapies, by Laurent Désiré, PhD, Preclinical Development Director, Sensorion, France
  4. Challenges in delivering novel therapeutics to the inner ear in humans, by Ronald Pennings, MD, PhD, ENT surgeon, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


CILcare will also present 3 posters

  • Development of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) rat models for preclinical efficacy assessment, by Carolanne Coyat, PhD, R&D project Manager
  • Ototoxic effects of drugs used in COVID-19 therapies in comparison to well-known ototoxic agent (Gentamicin) in male Wistar rats, by Sylvie Pucheu, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Reversible impulse noise induced hidden hearing loss, metabolic disturbances and hair cell ciliary changes in mice, by Paul Gratias, PhD student
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