Delivery Approaches for Inner Ear Therapies – ARO 2022 Workshop Replay

CILcare is pleased to share the replay of the Translational Delivery Approaches for Inner Ear Therapies workshop organized with CBSET as part of the 45th ARO MidWinter Meeting. Chaired by Professor Peter Steyger, PhD, Director of the Translational Hearing Center at Creighton University, and Rami Tzafriri, PhD, Director of Research and Innovation at CBSET, this workshop included presentations from experts in the field :

  • Gaëlle Naert, PhD, Chief Operations Officer, CILcare : Delivery approaches to the inner ear used in animal models
  • Bonnie Jacques, PhD, Senior Director, Research & Preclinical DevelopmentOtonomy : Factors in intratympanic drug delivery for the inner ear
  • Laurent Désiré, PhD, Preclinical Development DirectorSensorion : Local delivery of inner ear gene therapies
  • Ronald Pennings, MD, PhD, ENT surgeonRadboud UMC : Challenges in delivering novel therapeutics to the inner ear in humans

This workshop provided an opportunity for experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of inner ear delivery technology, and emerging approaches toward safe and efficacious dosing of emerging therapeutic compounds. Different aspects of inner ear delivery were covered, from promising therapeutic strategies to small molecules and gene therapy.

Moreover, the translation of delivery approaches used in preclinical animal models to clinical trials in patients were here clarified. The discussion focused on practical aspects, including the experience of local delivery in the middle and inner ear in preclinical animal models, with a focus on preclinical delivery case studies and challenges for delivery in humans.

Discover the workshop down below to learn more about Translational Delivery Approaches for Inner Ear Therapies :

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