CILcare to give presentations on ototoxicity at ICT 2022

ICT 2022

CILcare is pleased to announce that Marie-Pierre Pasdelou, Co-Founder & Chief Regulatory Officer, and Lise Byelyayeva, Business Developer, will be in Maastricht on September 18-21, 2022 to give presentations about CILcare’s expertise on ototoxicity at the 16th ICT.

Hearing loss is a major global health issue affecting around 1.5 billion people worldwide, with an increasing prevalence. The intake of ototoxic medicines represents an important cause of acquired hearing loss, with over 600 classes of ototoxic drugs currently on the market. Some commonly used medications, such as chemotherapeutics (cisplatin), aminoglycoside antibiotics (gentamicin), or even drugs investigated for Covid-19 treatment can seriously affect the auditory system and lead to permanent hearing loss. Such drugs should thus be tested for auditory safety as an early assessment of auditory side-effects is essential to evaluate the risk-benefit balance of these drugs.

Lise Byelyayeva will be giving a presentation entitled “Hearing loss: side-effects of multiple compounds and formulations which can be monitored with functional and histological read-outs”. During this presentation, Lise will go through the current available methods to measure hearing in preclinical in-vivo trials using two complementary functional read-outs and a histological analysis.

Marie-Pierre Pasdelou will be presenting a poster entitled “An in-vitro screening model for ototoxic compounds”, where the immortalized mouse cell line HEI-OC1 derived from the mouse’s organ of Corti was used. This cochlear cell line allows to study and screen the potential ototoxicity of a large library of drug candidates in a short timeframe. This reliable and high throughput assay can provide some insight into the mechanism of action of drug candidates with activation of apoptosis signaling pathways.

The XVIth International Congress of Toxicology is an event jointly organized in Maastricht on September 18-21, 2022 by the Dutch Society of Toxicology (NVT), the International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX) and the European Society of Toxicology (EUROTOX). Experts from the industry, from academia and regulators will discuss how toxicological research can contribute to safe products, environmental protection and a more sustainable society. The ICT’s 2022 theme will be “Uniting in Toxicology”.

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