Watch CILcare’s presentations on ototoxicity at the SPS Northeast Regional Meeting

Safety Pharmacology Society - Ototoxicity

Join CILcare and our partner CBSET at the Safety Pharmacology Society Northeast Regional Meeting, April 28, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at Takeda Cambridge, 125 Binney Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lise Byelyayeva, Associate Director, Business Development, will be giving a presentation at 9:05 am entitled “Ototoxicity: Global Burden & Preclinical Auditory Safety Study Cases”, in which she will detail how some drugs are ototoxic, and how to screen and prevent such side effects. This presentation will also introduce study cases on ototoxic drugs, on auditory safety assessments and ototoxicity prevention.

Carolanne Coyat, PhD, R&D Senior Project Manager, will be giving a presentation at 11:30 am entitled “Histology: a Key Criteria in the Evaluation of Drug Ototoxicity”, in which the ototoxic mechanisms of ototoxic drugs will be detailed. Dr Coyat will go in depth on how histological analysis play a crucial role in understanding mechanisms of action, and thus contribute to a successful drug development process.

Donald Hodges, PhD, Study Director at CBSET, who is a co-organizer for the meeting, will also be giving a presentation entitled “Swine, the Other Tox Species” at 11:00 am.

This year’s meeting theme, “Beyond the Core Battery – Explore and Discover” will push past the traditional boundaries of the core battery to discuss changes in the regulatory landscape, advanced tissue chips and in-vitro models, translational platforms, non-traditional experimental species, as well as non-life-threatening adverse endpoints that impact a drug’s implementation.

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