Hearing Therapeutics Summit 2023: Watch Cilcare’s recorded presentation !

This year, CILcare is exhibiting with its US partner CBSET at the annual meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society in Brussels, Belgium on September 18-21.

Come to our booth #506 to learn more about our ototoxicity services and our expertise in in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo auditory safety studies. CILcare-CBSET are experts in auditory safety with a unique expertise in both GLP and non-GLP customized ototoxicity studies and a large background in regulatory and IND-dossier.

Cilcare was invited to take part at the Hearing Therapeutics Summit 2023, preceding the Inner Ear Biology Workshop taking place in London in September 2023, and organized by RNID and UCL.

Cilcare’s Chief Scientific and Operations Officer, Dr. Naert, was really grateful to give her contribution to the summit with a presentation part of the scientific session: “Basic science to the rescue – open challenges in hearing therapeutics development”, alongside other biotech companies.

Watch our replay now :

Hearing in background noise: the path toward future treatments using digital evaluation

Alterations in our sensory senses are gaining more and more interest as potential biomarkers. Hearing impairment is a comorbidity of multiple neuro-inflammatory diseases which may precede their onset. Insidious and highly prevalent, cochlear synaptopathy is a form of hearing disorder which refers to the difficulty of understanding in noisy environment, and is still difficult to assess in the clinic, lacking standard diagnostic methods, computational tools, and sensitive auditory tests. Tremendous progress has been done in translational research over the few past years, providing evidence of underlying neurophysiological pathologies involved in cochlear synaptopathy, that will lead to emerging therapeutic intervention.
This presentation provides a landscape review of preclinical and clinical research focused on cochlear synaptopathy. It aims at describing how digital auditory signatures could be an essential building block in the early definition, detection, and treatment of cochlear synaptopathy, as well as their potential application for deafness and associated diseases prevention.

The Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting is a conference that brings together experts from around the world to share the latest research and knowledge on the evaluation of the safety of new drugs and chemicals. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from renowned scientists, participate in educational sessions, and network with peers and leaders in the field.

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