Cilcare featured in MedNous Journal: “The challenge of treating hearing loss as people age”

We are excited to announce our feature in the prestigious MedNous journal, as highlighted by Jean-Claude Müller. This publication, stemming from insightful discussions at the J.P. Morgan conference, delves into recent advancements in biotechnology for auditory health.

Here’s a sneak peek into the highlights of the article:

  • Awareness of the crucial importance of hearing in cognitive decline and dementia has been spurred by several factors: demographic aging, noise exposure, ototoxic effects of medications, and the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses…
  • However, hearing loss, leading to social isolation, decreased quality of life, reduced productivity, and depressive symptoms, represents a staggering economic burden estimated at $980 billion by the WHO.
  • But there’s good news! While hearing loss used to take a back seat in the biopharmaceutical industry, the rise of biotechnology brings new perspectives.
  • With a better understanding of auditory disorders and the discovery of the potential of biological interventions in neurological conditions, the landscape is changing.
  • Today, the ecosystem is buzzing. Among others, forty entities, including Cilcare, are now dedicated to developing novel therapies for hearing loss.
  • Moreover, the development of digital biomarkers and AI algorithms will enable the diagnosis and prediction of hearing loss and associated diseases. In short, it’s poised to revolutionize medicine!

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