Cilcare expands its collaboration network to accelerate revolutionary treatment for cochlear synaptopathy with new clinical trial and biomarker innovation

Collaboration network
  • Expanded partnership with academic and public US and French institutions, with University of Vermont Health Network and ARIS (Agence Régionale Investissements Stratégiques) now among our shareholders, to enhance our innovation in auditory sciences

  • Renewed trust of existing investors

  • These developments support Cilcare’s clinical development plan aiming at defining novel auditory biomarkers to identify neuro-inflammatory diseases

Montpellier – France – April 18th, 2024 – Cilcare, a clinical-stage biotechnology company specialized in auditory sciences and research and development of novel therapies for inner ear and associated diseases, is pleased to announce expanded partnerships with academic and public US and French institutions. This includes the addition of University of Vermont Health Network and ARIS (Agence Régionale Investissements Stratégiques) as new shareholders, alongside other strategic collaborators. Their engagement aligns with the reaffirmed commitment of existing investors, including Sofilaro & Sud PME Croissance. These strategic developments will accelerate Cilcare’s auditory analytics activity, expediting the progression of ongoing and future observational clinical trials to collect auditory data aiming at improving stratification of patients with hearing impairments.

Cilcare is strategically positioned to advance the clinical development of its lead compound CIL001 for the treatment of cochlear synaptopathy. Also known as hidden hearing loss, this form of hearing impairment manifests as difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments and corresponds to early signs of age-related hearing loss.

Cochlear synaptopathy affects approximately 15% of worldwide population, with over 1 billion young people at risk due to unsafe listening practices. The infusion of capital from new and existing shareholders will allow to accelerate Cilcare’s cutting-edge clinical research: the first and ongoing observational clinical trial conducted in diabetic population will be boosted with the forthcoming opening of new clinical trial centers in France.

In parallel, Cilcare is launching a second observational clinical study that will be carried out in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients, to assess the presence of cochlear synaptopathy at different stages of these neuro-inflammatory diseases. The results of these clinical trials will allow to precisely define auditory profiles and cochlear synaptopathy based on auditory and non-auditory markers in these subpopulations of patients. With the use of proprietary IA-based algorithms, Cilcare will be best positioned to establish digital auditory signatures, a novel tool that will be used for the development of CIL001 compound.

Celia Belline, Cilcare’s CEO commented: “We are delighted with the expansion of our collaboration network and are immensely grateful to all partners and investors, and to the Occitanie Region, whose steadfast support has been integral to our company’s journey from inception to growth. These developments will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission of harnessing our unique expertise in auditory science to develop innovative medicinal approaches based on digital auditory signatures that will improve patients’ lives. I also warmly thank the FACCNE (French American Chamber of Commerce of New England), who has been a valuable key partner in connecting Cilcare with entrepreneurs and industries across the US.”

About Cilcare: Cilcare is a biotechnology company harnessing auditory sciences
for the early definition, detection and treatment of synaptopathy in neurocognitive and inflammatory diseases. Located in Montpellier and the Boston area (USA), Cilcare develops its own portfolio of drug candidates using its next-generation AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RWD (Real-World Data) platform, relying on a unique expertise in preclinical development and on the ability to translate generated data into a clinical development strategy.

CILCARE has also been a catalyzer in accelerating drug development in hearing disorders since 2014 by providing its smart R&D platform as a research-for-hire to some of the top hearing research companies and academic institutions in US, Europe and Asia.

About University of Vermont Health Network: University of Vermont Health Network is a rural not-for-profit health system providing exceptional care to a region of more than 1 million people in Vermont and northern New York, while transforming health care through learning, research and innovation. Through an inclusive, coordinated team anchored by Vermont’s only academic medical center, and collaborating across a children’s hospital, five community hospitals (three designated as critical access), a multispecialty medical group, a home health and hospice provider and four skilled nursing facilities, the health system keeps patients as healthy as possible, while providing specialized, life-saving care close to home.


About L’ARIS: ARIS (Regional Strategic Investment Agency) is an investment company created in 2021 at the initiative of the Occitanie Region that aims to respond to the challenges of industrial sovereignty and decarbonization of the regional economy. Mainly positioned on the venture-capital segment, ARIS invests in equity in companies in the sectors of ecological transition, low-carbon mobility, healthtech, agroecology and digital transition, whether they are already present in the Occitanie Region or wish to set up there. Its investment approach aims to bring together economic interest and positive territorial impact. Since its creation, ARIS has already invested €19 million in 16 companies and aims to invest €50 million by 2030 in a region that strongly creates value.

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