Formulation for otic delivery

Cilcare specializes in addressing the challenges associated with local drug delivery to the inner ear, particularly through transtympanic administration. This approach offers distinct advantages, including reduced concerns about toxicity and side effects compared to systemic delivery, as well as the ability to achieve higher drug concentrations in inner ear tissues. One of our core capabilities lies in extending the duration of drug retention in the middle ear cavity, as rapid drainage through the Eustachian tube can hinder effective drug delivery to the inner ear.

Optimal route selection and formulation are pivotal for maximizing the drug’s efficiency. Various otic routes of administration can be used, such as topical application within the ear canal, transtympanic injection into the middle ear, and intrabullar or intracochlear surgical methods for direct inner ear access.

Cilcare and its partner Drugabilis, expert in physicochemical profiling of research compounds, have joined forces. We combine our knowledge to guide you in developing optimized formulations, specifically tailored to increase residence time of the test compound, to ensure success of your early in vivo proof-of-concept studies.

Key competencies:

  • Solubility assessment
  • Stability assessment
  • Characterization of the formulated drug (for both solution-based and suspension-based formulations)
  • Optimization of sustained-release properties (thermoreversible, mucoadhesive, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Injection techniques in vivo
  • Ototoxicity assessment of the drug and its carrier

Services offered in partnership with Drugabilis

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