CILcare and CBSET partner to offer cutting-edge preclinical research services for the evaluation of hearing disorders and regenerative therapies.


CBSET is the ideal partner in preparing, presenting, and defending GLP studies for regulatory review. The complementarity of the two companies, one expert of the hearing field and the other experienced in GLP-compliant preclinical research, is obvious. With 360 million people suffering from hearing loss in the world, we clearly have a role to play to accelerate the preclinical-to-clinical-to-market pathways of innovative therapeutic solutions, drugs and implantable devices for the sake of the patients” – Celia Belline, CEO, CILcare

“This partnership brings together CBSETs preclinical surgery, drug delivery, and histopathology expertise with CILcare’s proprietary functional tests for assessing alterations to the auditory system in GLP-compliant state-of-the-art facilities. Our new services will enable companies to accelerate their development of novel therapies for hearing loss and be instrumental in supporting their regulatory submissions.” – Peter Markham, President and CEO, CBSET

Montpellier & Cambridge, June 9, 2017 — CILcare Inc., a world leading CRO specializing in drug development targeting otic and hearing disorders announced today that it has expanded its preclinical research service offerings through a partnership with CBSET Inc., a non-profit research institute that specializes in the advancement of novel therapies.
CILcare and CBSET will be working together to enable biotech, pharmaceutical, and medtech companies to complete their IND package for drugs intended to target hearing and otic indications, and support safety trials with the inclusion of ototoxicity and the loss of auditory function as key parameters.

“Despite the high prevalence and public health impact of hearing loss, only about one-fifth of people who could benefit from a hearing aid seek intervention. In light of this, FDA has previously taken regulatory actions intended to promote the availability and accessibility of hearing aid devices to consumers” – FDA December 2016.
Due to the significant increase in hearing disorders, specifically in the younger population, hearing health has become a real public health priority. For this reason, CILcare and CBSET have decided to work in collaboration to catalyze the development of effective therapies to improve upon the quality of life of those affected.

CILcare and CBSET will launch their new auditory assessment services at next week’s “Preclinical World Congress” in Boston, June 12-16. Visit the CILcare Exhibit Booth (#103) and CBSET Exhibit Booth (#606) to learn more about this relationship.
For more information about CILcare and CBSET, contact Marie-Pierre Pasdelou, Chief Development Officer at CILcare: +33-675 582 588,

About CILcare
CILcare Inc. is the world-leading services company for drug development in hearing and otic disorders. Based in Cambridge, Paris and Montpellier, CILcare has developed unique know-how to assess the safety and the efficacy of drug candidates and medical devices in drug-induced hearing loss, noise induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, salicylate-induced tinnitus, noise-induced tinnitus and otitis. In addition to the expertise of the team and the strong support of the scientific board, CILcare also benefits from the large industrial background of its three founders.
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CBSET Inc. — 500 Shire Way, Lexington, Mass. — is the preclinical research leader in critically important therapeutic fields such as interventional cardiology, renal disease and dialysis, chronic drug-resistant hypertension, women’s health, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics, biological and synthetic tissue repair, drug delivery, bioresorbable devices, and combination medical device and drug-eluting products. Learn more about CBSET’s expert biomedical research services or please contact us.

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