CILcare and Amylgen partner against Alzheimer’s disease


Age-related disorders, CILcare and Amylgen partner to propose unique preclinical models to assess the effects of health solutions on hearing and cognitive functions !

It is established that hearing loss is one of the three major risk factors for dementia and is clearly linked to Alzheimer’s disease, which affects nearly 25 million people around the world, while 466 million people have hearing loss. CILcare, the world- leading CRO specializing in hearing disorders and Amylgen, CRO specializing in neurodegenerative disorders, have decided to combine their expertise to propose unique preclinical tests, which assess both hearing loss and cognitive decline.

“The exploration of the relationship between hearing loss and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in preclinical phases will likely be key in targeting the right patient population in clinical trials, by means of patient selection based on their hearing status.” says Celia Belline, CEO CILcare


About CILcare

CILcare is the world-leading services company for drug development in hearing and otic disorders. Based in Cambridge, Paris and Montpellier, CILcare supports biotechs, medtechs and pharmas from all over the world in their preclinical and clinical development in hearing loss and tinnitus. CILcare has developed unique know-how to assess the safety and the efficacy of drug candidates and medical devices in drug-induced hearing loss, noise induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, salicylate-induced tinnitus, noise-induced tinnitus and otitis. Learn more about CILcare’s expert biomedical research services or contact us.

About Amylgen

Amylgen is a preclinical CRO offering a unique combination of validated in vivo models and a full range testing. Fast and predictive screening of the effects of drugs and nutraceuticals on brain health. Based in Montpellier, Amylgen is at your service to provide quick POC for your product as a food supplement for brain health. Contact Amylgen for more information.

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