CILcare will attend the 10th World Congress on Pharmacology


CILcare will attend the upcoming 10th World Congress on Pharmacology in Barcelona, which takes place on August 2-3, 2018.

Come and meet CILcare’s Project Managers Elodie FLASZKA and Véronique BAUDOUX to discover our poster describing role of melatonin in the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing loss is the most common form of sensory impairment in humans, affecting 466 million people worldwide. Preventing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) by antioxidants is based on the hypothesis that generation of reactive oxygen species is one of the causes of NIHL. Melatonin, which is a secretary product of the pineal gland is a powerful antioxidant and a free radical scavenger.

Read CILcare’s publications and scientific journal articles related to hearing disorders.

About Pharmacology Congress

Conference Series invites all the participants across the globe to attend 10th World Congress on Pharmacology’ during August 02-03, 2018 in Barcelona. Pharmacology 2018 focuses on the importance to understand drugs and how they can affect human physiology. It is with better understanding of Pharmacolo­gy one can know the right dosage and dosage forms of drugs. More research in pharmacology deals with identifying and responding to drug interactions and its side effects along with its mechanism of action, its therapeutic index and thereby treat ac­cordingly. More intensive study with the interaction between drug and its therapeutic effect helps to identify the properties of ideal drugs.



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