ARO 2021 Workshop : Replay & Presentation

This year, CILcare has actively participated in the Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). Alongside our partners from ENT Clinical, CILcare did conduct a workshop entitled “Translating Pre-Clinical Findings Into Successful Clinical Trials” that gathered experts from the field. Speakers from both academia and the industry joined us at this very special workshop :

  • Wahid Awad, CILcare’s Chief Business Officer (Workshop Chair)
  • Helen Blackshaw, ENT Clinical’s Director of Operations (Workshop Co-Chair)
  • Anne Schilder, ENT surgeon and NIHR Research Professor from the University College of London
  • Gregory Robinson, Akouos’ Chief Scientific Officer
  • Carl LeBel, Frequency Therapeutics’ Chief Development Officer
  • Chieri Hayashi, Astellas Pharma’s Medical Director
  • Ronald Pennings, ENT surgeon from Radboud University

Do you want to learn more about how to design preclinical studies? Would you like to know more about animal models, drug regimens and outcome measures required to support clinical indications? Then read Dr Awad’s presentation from the workshop by clicking here!

To see the workshop’s replay, click here, then “Virtual Conference Hall“. Click on “Agenda” on the left bar, then click on “Day 6” on the top bar. You will then see an orange button with written “View Recording” next to it. Click on that button to see the replay.

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