CILcare Denmark is Attending the Nordic Life Science Days 2021

CILcare, a Medicon Valley Alliance member now established in Copenhagen with its newly created subsidiary, will attend the Nordic Life Science days on April 20-23. The largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry is a genuine opportunity for CILcare Denmark to strengthen its support towards the Nordic actors in the development of potential drugs, gene therapies, implantable devices and drug delivery technologies that can address the prevention, treatment, or restoration of the hearing function.

“The Nordic Life Science Days is a great opportunity to meet new people and to expand CILcare’s network in the Nordic countries which always are in the forefront of research and innovation in life science. Being Swedish based in France gives these meetings an extra, personal dimension!” – Dr. Susanna Malmström, Alliances Director

Denmark is widely known as the hearing innovation center of the world: headquarter of the world’s hearing devices industries, almost 50% of the world’s hearing aids are being manufactured in this country. Local implantation in the most innovative European life-science clusters will facilitate the hearing actors to access CILcare Denmark’s services and unique expertise in otology.

“In addition to preclinical development, we need to develop tools and protocols that will help to better diagnose patients with hearing disorders and better monitor the effect of new therapeutics, so that they have a chance to demonstrate their efficacy and reach the market. Our hypothesis, based on our own expertise and supported by emerging literature, is that human hearing profiles might help predict the evolution of several diseases, including neurodegenerative, psychiatric, and inflammatory diseases. In Denmark, and in the Nordic region, we think we can find the right partners to help CILcare with its mission: MAKING HEARING A PRIORITY– Dr. Wahid Awad, Chief Business Officer

CILcare Denmark will be represented by Dr Susanna Malmström, Alliances Director, and Dr Wahid Awad, Chief Business Officer: click here to request a BtoB meeting with our experts on the platform!

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