CILcare Sponsors the Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit

The Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit is a world-class event that gathers industry and academics experts from the hearing field, as well as innovative biopharmaceutical companies, to discuss the translation and clinical development of therapeutics that aim to treat inner disorders. Taking place online on May 25-27 2021, this summit will see KOLs adressing key topics, such as the different preclinical modelling approaches for translative proof of concept data and the major challenges to overcome to better treat patients that suffer from inner ear disorders.

As the world-leading CRO specialized in hearing disorders, CILcare will be sponsoring this year’s edition of the Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit to further act towards better treatments and innovation for those suffering from hearing disorders. Being the one-stop partner for pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies, CILcare always seeks to support the innovative actors from the industry, hence being an Innovation Partner for this year’s summit.

During the summit, Celia Belline, CILcare’s CEO, will be conducting a presentation entitled “Expanding Drug Portfolio in Hearing, with Fast-Track Development Strategies” on May 27th at 10:15 am (EDT)/4:15 pm (CET). Celia will go into details about how to leverage pharma discovery engine to accelerate innovation in hearing health, and about repurposing and co-developing strategies to rapidly advance promising assets to the market.

Celia won’t be the only board member from CILcare attending as Wahid Awad, Chief Business Officer, will also be actively attending the event.

Learn more about the event by clicking here.

Any of CILcare’s contact can benefit from a 20% registration discount by contacting Katie Jacobs from Hanson Wade:

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