CILcare will present a valuable diagnostic tool to assess the tolerance of otic products in pets at the 32nd ESVD Congress

CILcare’s team is pleased to announce that the abstract co-written with Virbac, a top 10 animal health company, entitled “Ear inflammation and hearing measurements: taking advantage of preclinical tools to assess the Tolerance of otic products“ has been accepted for an oral presentation at the 2021 edition of the European Dermatology Veterinary Congress.

Ear infections are a relatively common disease in pets and one of the leading causes of veterinary appointments for dog owners. Therapies developed to prevent and treat otitis should be safe and well tolerated when administered by the otic route. Several molecular agents are known to be ototoxic and can cause profound hearing impairments, therefore their impact on ear inflammation and hearing functions should be assessed.

The presentation will be given by Aurore Marie, Senior Operations Manager at CILcare, on September 17th, 2021 at 10 am CET. It will cover the main challenges in measuring hearing in large species, the need for state-of-the art equipment adapted to the anatomy of the animal, and the methods used to measure auditory changes and assess tympanic membrane integrity with high precision.

The European Veterinary Dermatology Congress is an international event that gathers veterinarians and scientists interested in the biology and diseases of animal skin to present and discuss the latest advances in the field. The 32nd edition will take place online on September 16-18, 2021.

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About Virbac

Virbac is the world’s 6th largest animal health company. Headquartered in France, the company offers veterinarians, farmers and pet owners a comprehensive and practical range of products and services in over 100 countries. With these innovative solutions covering the majority of animal species and diseases, Virbac contributes, day after day, to shape the future of animal health. Learn more at

About CILcare

CILcare is the world-leading R&D services company specialized in hearing disorders. Based in Montpellier, Boston, Paris, and Copenhagen, CILcare has become the one-stop partner for pharmaceutical industries, biotechs, medtechs, veterinary & nutraceutical companies, developing novel therapies for people with ear disorders. CILcare designs and performs pharmacokinetic, efficacy, and GLP ototoxicity studies to assess the effects of drugs, medical devices, cell & gene therapies, and health food ingredients, on hearing loss, tinnitus, ototoxicity, and otitis.

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