Susanna Malmström Ph.D, promoted to Director of Alliances

CILcare is pleased to announce the promotion of Susanna Malmström to the position of Director of Alliances.

Research expert in the inner ear, Dr. Malmström has played a significant role in CILcare’s development, as she joined the company in its early stages back in 2015. In her new role, she will be responsible for identifying new alliances and managing strong existing partnerships CILcare has established globally.

Susanna has been key in developing pharmacokinetic and histological projects within CILcare. She’s been involved in many collaborative research projects and has demonstrated her talent for establishing long-term relationships, especially with the Northern EU market”, comments Wahid Awad, Chief Business Officer of CILcare. “I am very eager to have her join the BD team, as we have ambitious objectives to address the increasing demands of our clients that require scientific excellence and the capacity to partner with other CROs that can add value to our service offering. Susanna is definitely the right woman for the job.”

“I’m very much looking forward to building fruitful collaborations with our partners globally” said Susanna. “We have initiated various exciting projects in in-vitro screening, formulation and histology. These should considerably support the development of therapeutics for hearing loss & tinnitus, for which there is no cure yet.”

A native of Sweden, Susanna has consistently demonstrated a passion for engaging teams, including everyone in a movement to which she has always been deeply committed: ecological transition – a goal that she integrates into each of CILcare’s projects.

I am taking concrete action towards addressing climate change and global environmental challenges and I’m proud to have been given this responsibility at CILcare, and to be able to work together with the whole team! I’ve been convinced from the beginning, that we all can participate at an individual and company level to improve our environment and reduce our ecological footprint. This should drive all of our projects and my goal is to make it a reality, every day” adds Dr. Malmström.

Susanna contributes towards developing a strong mindset among CILcare’s collaborators towards sustainability.

“It is not what we say, but rather what we do, that can make a difference for CILcare to grow responsibly. It can be as simple as implementing a bike hangar to allow the team to come to work by bike”, adds Celia BELLINE, CILcare’s CEO.

Creating and developing alliances for responsible and sustainable growth is the mission Susanna is now taking on. We wish her lots of success.


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